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Bet Smart is at the center of today’s betting technology revolution.The market leader in providing sports betting data feed and betting application software, BetSmart helps bookmakers fight the damaging effects of complexity, generate new opportunities for innovation and growth of their sports betting content, and stay ahead of the competition.


How Bet Smart can transform your business

Bet Smart play a key role in helping companies of all sizes – across betting industries – transform and run their land based and internet betting business. We can help you build unique betting offer, implement new oportunities, control risk, improve customer support service and offer all betting solutions.
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Boost your betting business with expert help

Bet Smart offer a range of services, from pre-match odds, betting in-running and resulting to embedded support teams and strategic partnerships. Weather you want to expand your number of sports, deploy new betting model and capabilities, speed-up betting in-running or boost traders efficiency, Bet Smart can help make it happen.

Be the leader with industry-specific
Bet Smart all-in-one sports betting feed

Drive innovation and automate your core processes with Bet Smart all-in-one sport betting feed.
Bet Smart Live Betting solution can help you manage every aspect of your fast-growing sports betting operations – production and alter pre-match odds, live trade and control risk, than result and close bets during the day.
This industry-specific product can help you find new sources of revenue, maximize your budget, cut the costs, minimize resources, enhance customer services and more.

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